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"Knowledge is power only if you have the CONFIDENCE to use it."


It's time to stop holding yourself back and playing small with your gifts because you FEAR being seen, judgement and not being "perfect".
It's time to stop buying into imposter syndrome and instead, remember YOUR POWER.
It's time to fully EMBODY YOUR CONFIDENCE, take CONSISTENT ACTION and unapologetically BE WHO YOU ARE.


Are you ready? Let's go!




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 Fully believing in yourself

❥ Speaking powerfully on video and in front of groups about your offers, business and inspiring stories

❥ Manifesting more of what you want into your life with ease

❥ Being guided by your intuition

❥ Collapsing the time it takes to get things done

❥ Being able to effectively communicate with others and develop deep relationships

❥ Not second guessing every little thing you said and worrying about what someone may think

❥ Showing up and doing the thing rather than wasting a bunch of time procrastinating and doubting yourself 

But right now, instead of being CONFIDENT, boldly sharing your PASSIONS and feeling EXCITED about what you GET to do…  you are struggling so much with lack of belief in yourself, PROCRASTINATION, feeling UNWORTHY and a LOUD inner critic that you are not getting the results you know you are capable of.


You feel mentally drained, overwhelmed and like you are not enough, and now what you used to love feels a hassle....

And that is where I come in... to bridge the gap between where you are and where you desire to be.

In my 1:1 coaching container, I help you fully EMBODY YOUR CONFIDENCE and access your POWER and POTENTIAL.




I am a confidence + mindset coach and certified yoga instructor who specializes in helping women reconnect with themselves, reduce stress and step into their CONFIDENCE to create ultimate success and happiness.

For years I struggled with crippling anxiety, insecurities and lack of fulfillment. After diving in to self growth and yoga, I freed myself from the prison of my mind, gained clarity and confidence and quit my corporate engineering job to go after my dreams.

However, jumping into running my own business brought up a lot of other challenges. I was terrified of failing, harsh judgement from others and being seen. I doubted myself and held myself back. Until I hired an amazing coach and confronted these fears and fully EMBODIED MY CONFIDENCE.

Now, I teach the methods I've learned and help my clients courageously go after their passions, move through fears and limiting beliefs and show up POWERFULLY to bring their gifts to the world

This is coaching program for you if:

  • You lack confidence in yourself and/or feel inferior to others.
  • You struggle with IMPOSTER SYNDROME, SELF DOUBT and constantly question if you are good enough which steals so much of your time, mental space and energy
  • You have big dreams but struggle with CONSISTENCY, PROCRASTINATION and putting yourself out there and you know that it is hindering your success.
  • You avoid taking uncomfortable leaps because you are deathly afraid of failing, rejection, looking stupid and/or judgment from others.

  • You overthink yourself into inaction
  • You feel terrified and/or awkward when showing up on VIDEO but know it can help your business.
  • You feel confident in things you do well, but have a calling towards something new and feel a lack of confidence to move forward
  • You are so consumed with the NEED to be perfect that it keeps you from finishing projects or even starting in the first place.

  • You lack motivation and inspiration 
  • You think you need to know more, take another course, get this certification, etc before actually taking action towards what you want
  • You are sick of your BS excuses and are ready to get over them, get into ACTION and UP-LEVEL in all areas of your life and business/career.

In my private coaching container, I’ll help you…


➙ Radically reduce stress, implement boundaries, prevent burnout and learn how to enjoy life without the constant nagging feeling of needing to be productive.

➙ EMBODY your CONFIDENCE and fully step into your POWER and POTENTIAL becoming that leader you have always dreamed of

➙ Cut your work day 25-50% by working smarter and eliminating the time spent on perfectionism, second guessing and battling negative thoughts.

➙ Connect with your INTUITION and become so aligned with your own unique vision that you are magnetically drawing amazing opportunities, relationships and clients to you.

➙COACH YOURSELF - The impact of our work together will continue well beyond a few months and ripple into the rest of your life and future endeavors. This part is absolutely PRICELESS as you will be able to recognize and move through your own roadblocks in less time.

➙ Have the MINDSET that you can do ANYTHING with full TRUST and BELIEF in yourself



This coaching is fully customized to YOU and your needs and goals. Here are the details of what is included in my coaching container and the EMBODY YOUR CONFIDENCE METHODOLOGY.

12 Week Coaching Program

This is the sweet spot of time for great transformation. 

Voxer Support

Communication in between coaching sessions


Worksheets, assignments, and resources such as guided meditation, yoga, movement exercises, etc.


A lot of people scour the internet searching for how to get more confidence. First of all, confidence isn’t something you GET. It is something you already have but all of these limiting beliefs, past stories and fears that you carry around are getting in the way of YOU fully connecting with it.


It isn’t about the “how to’s”… it’s about uncovering and working through what is getting in the way of your confidence and getting into ACTION.


My coaching methodology focuses on the 3 biggest components of embodying confidence:


One of the biggest things that gets in the way of us feeling confident is the chatter in our own mind. It can be stress, overwhelm, self doubt, our inner critic, fear of what others may think, imposter syndrome, etc.

In EMBODY YOUR CONFIDENCE, we work on moving through all of the above so you can see yourself in the IDENTITY - of that CONFIDENT BADASS that you truly are!

Taking this a step further, you will learn how to you connect with your own INTUITION for ultimate alignment and inner guidance.



The body and mind are linked. Whatever is showing up in the mind is showing up physically in the body. Our body stores it all. Here I bring my yoga and posture expertise to help you move through what you are holding on to in your body and EMBODY your CONFIDENCE on an even deeper level.



Courage + Consistent Action = Confidence

Working on the mind and body are essential, but REAL transformation comes from ACTION. This program will teach you how to tap into your courage and help keep you accountable for CONSISTENT ACTION.

The best part is, you won't be doing this alone. You will be fully supported the entire time while getting out of your comfort zone and making big leaps to UP-LEVEL your business and life.

This is for you if you are ready to...

- Make a true transformation in yourself

- Do the deep inner work

- Release that has been holding you back

- Get into aligned action.

- Invest time, money and energy into your own growth


This is NOT for you if you are...

- Looking for a short cut to results without doing the personal growth necessary

- Not committed to showing up and doing the work

- Are unwilling to get uncomfortable, face what you have been avoiding and be radically honest with yourself

- Unwilling to make an investment in yourself


If you are ready, apply below and we will set up a discovery call to make sure this is a good fit for the both of us




Danielle was an amazing coach! Prior to working together I didn’t have the confidence to believe in myself and was constantly in my own way. I decided to hire Danielle because of her expertise with mindset hacks and her wealth of knowledge with confidence in going after dreams. She was such an asset in my life and my life looks completely different after our sessions. She’s kind, understanding, sweet, and most importantly she has such a gift when it comes to helping people gain confidence to help them go after their dreams. She has a brain full of ideas and is constantly sharing what she thinks will help her clients succeed. Fast forward to months later...

💫I’m living my life with my soul fully on Fire

💫I have launched a coaching business

💫I created a list of core values that I’m aligned with

💫I have the confidence to go after my dreams - I’m not scared anymore

💫I have healthy relationships


Danielle, thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with me! It was such a privilege to work with such a caring coach. If you want the confidence to go after your dreams; Danielle is your girl. You will have no regrets!❤️

SHILPA - PhD Student

Danielle has taught me what school cannot. I’ve struggled so much with imposter syndrome since beginning my program, but my mindset has shifted so much since working with her.

I am so much more confident now in trusting myself in my research, communicating with other scientists, giving talks to large groups of people, etc. It’s been about a year since we’ve worked together, but I find myself digging into the tools she gave me to work with whenever I get stressed and find myself telling myself those limiting stories or not holding myself accountable anymore.

It sounds scary jumping in at first, especially because I am skeptical af of everyone on the internet or spending any $, but it is so worth it and I really trust Danielle! If you’re even thinking about it, just have a chat with her! She won’t pressure you into it at all and is extremely authentic which I appreciate so much.


 When I first started EYV I really struggled to believe in myself.

I had a strong inner critic and I didn't pursue my passion for Robotics because I was too afraid that any failure would indicate my inability to excel in this field.Danielle's guidance, support and mentorship helped me adjust my mindset so that I could begin to heal and grow.

While completing the EYV program I managed to secure a job as a Software Engineer when I'd struggled with an internship for years. I was able to reach out to CEO and Founder of DataReady to begin a robotics program for underprivileged children in South Australia which is now currently underway.

I'm so grateful Danielle reached out to invite me into her program. My life has turned a 180° ever since I joined.


I am blessed to still be working w/ Danielle after hiring her full time as my coach in December 2019. Since my 3-month intensive w/her, completing Embody Your Vision group program and an extra 1-month intensive last December, I find that I have truly stepped into my the fullest expression of myself, attracted in soul clients w/ease and flow and just generally show up for myself, my family, friends and clients as a powerful Queen enjoying creating her life by her design.

If any of you are wanting to live life vicariously and transform every aspect of it, I highly recommend getting on a consultation call w/Danielle and working w/her. She will change your life and help you get the results you may be desiring on the job and in your businesses. 



Thanks so much for your fabulous program.  Prior to working with you I knew I wanted to make some changes but didn't know how to begin.  You listened to me and prompted me to narrow down the direction I needed to take and the steps to get there, and you walked with me along the way.  You helped me to gain the confidence I needed in order to go after what I wanted.  I couldn't have done it without you.
I love your positivity and your patience.  I'm so grateful that you crossed my path.  It was definitely worth the investment to go through this with you. Thanks!


Are you ready to get over your excuses and STEP INTO YOUR CONFIDENCE?

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