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This is not your ordinary yoga retreat...

This is the experience of a lifetime…

Where you will not only practice yoga & explore the beautiful island of Ko Samui…

But you will have the opportunity to learn, integrate and transform into the best version of yourself… whether that is tackling big goals or simply living a life full of peace and happiness…

Bottom line… this retreat is A CATALYST FOR your EVOLUTION. 

February 27 - March 6, 2021  LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE!


We, Danielle and Tony, are overjoyed with the opportunity to host a unique and transformative yoga retreat on the small, tropical island of Koh Samui in Thailand. 

Combined, we have worked with thousands of students and transformed many, many lives. We THRIVE on guiding others into life-changing realizations, owning their power, releasing fears and insecurities, reconnecting with their bodies, attaining inner peace, and deepening relationships with others and themselves.

As your retreat leaders, we are here to guide you to explore all the possibilities and encourage you to live life to your fullest potential. Our promise is to create an environment that enables you to connect, to be vulnerable, to feel and communicate your emotions, then release them! “The only way through it, is through it.”

If you are tired of experiencing any of these and are ready to move through… this retreat is for you

  • Feeling stuck

  • Fear of the future

  • Can’t seem to find your purpose

  • Hiding behind doubts and insecurities

  • Feeling like your own worst enemy

  • Experiencing the same weeks over and over…

  • Limiting and negative repetitive thoughts in your head (or neg self talk)

  • Not knowing how to manage stress

  • Allowing your feelings to be subjected to the actions of others

  • Not confident in your ability to fully express yourself

  • Seeing others succeed in their wildest dreams while you remain stagnant

  • Comparing

  • Having difficulty building deep connections with yourself as well as your community

  • Always preferring your dog/cat/bird/etc over human interactions

  • The inability to remove expectations from self as well as others

  • Constant over thinking and chatter in your mind

What to expect?

Samahita Retreat is an intimate paradise you will explore physically through your yoga practice, the lush environment, and the adventures we have planned for you, but you will also engage mentally by disconnecting from your daily routine and obligations. 

You will dig deep into self inquiry, get out of your comfort zone, make unforgettable connections, laugh, cry, love and, most importantly, have fun while feeling safe and supported. 

You will…

Explore - Explore the beautiful island of Koh Samui as well as yourself on a deeper level.

Breakthrough - Discover what has been holding you back and breakthrough doubts and barriers that have been keeping you stuck.

Become clear - Become clear on what it is you desire to create in your life and how to get there.

Understand - Understand why we act and think like we do through scientific knowledge, contemplation and direct experience.

Connect - Be immersed with a group of like-minded individuals who are on similar paths and there to support you.

Relax & Rejuvenate - Relax and rejuvenate your body on the beautiful beaches of Koh Samui. Eat delicious and healthy foods. Disconnect from the hustle and bustle and enjoying the peacefulness and healing of mother nature.

Learn - Learn where thoughts come from, how the mind works, the scientific aspects of yoga and meditation and how to apply these principles and understandings into your life. 

Have Fun! - Have fun away from home getting out of your comfort zone, going on adventures, interacting, and experiencing new and challenging activities!

Where you will stay...

You will be staying on the small, tropical island of Koh Samui in Thailand at Samahita Retreat. 

Samahita Retreat is an intimate paradise you will explore physically through your yoga practice, the lush environment, and the adventures we have planned for you, but you will also engage mentally by disconnecting from your daily routine and obligations. 

You will have the choice of accommodations of private, semi-private and 2 bed loft. The resort is located right on a beautiful beach! There is a saltwater pool, herbal steam room, kayaks and padddleboards, outdoor showers and beach sunbeams for your use.

Retreat Details

The retreat will be held at the beautiful Samahita Retreat resort on the island of Koh Samui April 11-18, 2020. 

Our retreat includes:

  • Accommodations and all meals at the resort

  • Daily yoga classes, meditations, workshops and interactive activities.

  • Handouts/workbooks

  • Facebook group community

  • And as a bonus, 2 months of coaching

Coaching details - In order to give you the most value for the retreat, you will receive 1 month of coaching prior to the retreat to prepare you and help set your intentions. To help you integrate the retreat once you return home, you will receive 1 more month of coaching.

All of this, is our PASSION. We are so excited to be creating this retreat, for YOU.

Contact [email protected] with any questions. Or DM @danielle.dalesio & @light.libra.yogi


If you are ready and COMMITTED to break out of patterns and habits keeping you stuck, move from self criticism to self compassion, and stop living out of fear and start living for what excites you... click on the link below to sign up for the waitlist!


Danielle D’Alesio

After experiencing a powerful life transformation through yoga, Danielle decided to become a teacher For years, she struggled with anxiety and insecurities, and despite a successful career, she felt unfulfilled. 

She started yoga as a physical practice to do cool arm balances and handstands, but what she gained was so much more. Through consistent practice the anxiety started to fade away. She gained a state of inner peace and confidence, and her life transformed from party girl to being on a path towards self-actualization. 

Reflecting upon her growth, she found her purpose was to help facilitate this to others through the practice of yoga. She completed her teacher training at Skanda Yoga Studio in Miami, Florida, and the following year, she left her corporate engineering job to pursue her passions of yoga, health, mindset and spirituality.

Danielle brings a unique approach to her classes and workshops. She loves teaching yoga and self growth practices with a scientific perspective in practical and understandable ways.

Her favorite topics are posture, reprogramming the brain, and implementing techniques to upgrade thoughts and habits. She thrives on teaching classes of a deeper spiritual nature, guiding her students to experience their true selves outside of the roles they play, attaining a state of inner peace, connection and love for themselves and others. 

Danielle currently lives in Dallas, Texas and teaches a variety of yoga classes, coaches one on one, and leads both in person and online workshops.

IG: @danielle.dalesio

Tony Todd

Tony Todd is a multifaceted light - with a medical background in pharmaceutical and medical device sales, she became a Yoga instructor, philanthropist, and courageous and avid explorer. Drawing on her diverse life experiences and travels, she lives every day with the goal of living a relatable and authentic life, effortlessly spreading light and love while inspiring genuine connection with those she encounters.

Stillness and presence are the foundations of Tony's purpose. She practices Pranayama, Meditation, Vinyasa Flow and Manifestation to achieve her overall vision. These fundamental and creative passions are also the essence of her instruction.

Through the @blackswanyoga Dallas 200 Hour Teacher Training Program, Tony substantially furthered her instructional skills and she now leverages yoga as a medium for creating safe, genuine, connections in her community. Furthermore, she is also certified and registered with the Yoga Alliance which is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community with a core mission to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga. 

Teaching private and group lessons, as well as corporate classes, Tony divides her time between Dallas, TX and Birmingham, AL while traveling internationally. She lives to share her unique perspective on Yoga, Breath, Stillness and overall LIFE by openly and honestly telling her story.

IG: @light.libra.yogi

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