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Engineer turned Yoga Teacher turned Mindset Coach, I'm here to wake up the women of the world and help take their dreams from IDEA to REALITY.

Snapshot of My Life Now

Today, I am happily married to my love and we have a little, energetic bulldog who keeps us on our toes. I left my corporate job and now spend my days doing what excites me and lights up my soul. I love yoga, pilates and time in the sun. I am healthy, energized, and have peace in my mind. I feel a sense of meaning and purpose in my life, and am truly excited about each day.

But it wasn't always this way...

I've climbed many mountains to be here... Here's a snapshot from a few years ago.

I was an engineer in the corporate world and was constantly filled with anxiety and stress. I created problems in my mind about everything in my life.

I could feel the anxiety all the way to my bones. I felt crippled and trapped in a mental prison that I could never escape.

Problems replayed over and over in my mind. I had trouble falling asleep, and little energy without copious amounts of coffee during the day.

The chatter would never stop, unless I numbed it with alcohol or other unproductive activities. I had a relationship and job that didn’t suit me. I felt my life had no meaning, no purpose, rather than to show up and pay bills. I felt bored all the time, and in that boredom I created problems. I couldn’t see a way out.

As much as I wanted to be happy, I just couldn’t.

I had zero motivation to leave my unhealthy habits. The pain I felt was too much. I had a great childhood and young adult life. I didn’t understand where all of this came from and felt it was completely unjustified for me to feel this way.

Part of me felt stupid for how I felt. I showed up happy and outgoing on the outside, but when I was alone I was a completely different person. I pushed it under the rug for as long as I could. I developed unhealthy habits to cope and attempt to numb my feelings.


My daily level of anxiety rose and rose and rose…


Until I hit the breaking point.

My pain finally woke me up...

One night when I was so plagued with anxiety, I drank way too much alcohol, blacked out, and smashed my face on the side of the bed. I woke up with blood all over it. I washed my face and had 2 large, glistening gaps. I went to the ER and had 11 stitches.

This would have seemed like a wakeup call to radically get my life in order, but it wasn’t. I did pick myself up a bit, got a new job, surrounded myself with a new community and found new activities. However, I still had a bit of anxiety and hated being alone, but adopted the strategy of constant busy-ness to not have to feel in.


Finally, 6 months of partying after the end of a long term relationship, I knew my life could not go on how it was. I still didn’t feel a sense of meaning in life. The things that used to be fun, partying, drinking, staying out late, etc were making me feel worse. I became to realize life wasn’t going to magically change for me. I knew I had to be the one to make the change.

I've turned my lessons into methods so others can skip the struggle and thrive.







My methods are powerful for women experiencing the following

Any sound like you?

  • Living with fear and anxiety about the future rather than enjoying the present moment. 
  • Lacking clarity on what they want to do or what their purpose is

  • Knowing what they want but not taking the actions they know they need to do to get there

  • Lacking confidence in themself and goals

  • Feeling guilty when not being productive rather than being able to enjoy all aspects of life. 
  • Sacrificing their own happiness to please others.
  • Feeling overwhelmed when they should be prioritizing and implementing boundaries
  • Sacrificing their own health and wellbeing for a job when they should be happy, healthy and fully supported
  • Only living for the weekends
  • Choosing what feels safe over taking a risk for the life they desire
  • Not taking a deeper care of themselves through stretching, massage and self care
  • Constantly talking about making changes but never actually doing so.

Here are some next steps for you!

I'm here to help you take action.

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